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There's no doubt that web design is in steep demand these days. Everywhere you look there are web design firms or skilled freelancers who are selling quality websites to businesses or brands that must rely heavily on a strong web presence to attract and retain customers in a digital age.

Web design requires skill that has been sharpened by countless hours of experience and careful study. When you hire a designer or a design team, you want the final product to be a captivating website that compels people to engage with your brand or business. That means you need stunning landing pages, powerful images, intuitive navigation and integrated tools for a better user experience. But you know what a lot of brands and businesses are still missing? Great copywriting to complement and enhance all of these elements! I cringe when I stumble upon brilliantly designed websites where the copy appears to have been written in a hurry by someone who spells grammar with an “e” and has absolutely no regard for sentence structure.

Jerry Cao of creativebloq.com puts it this way, “A meaningful or emotional visual may figuratively "speak" to the user, but it falls on text to literally speak to the user. Whether issuing instructions, product details, form fields for a purchase, or a casual greeting, writing is the shortest distance between you and the person staring at the screen.” Regardless of how good the design may be, poor writing can undermine the credibility of the site altogether and cause your brand or business to miss its golden opportunity to communicate with a growing audience.

So, what’s the solution? First, understand that good writing should always go hand-in-hand with good design if you really want your website to have an impact. Once you understand that, you’ll see the obvious value of hiring a professional writer to articulate your message.


To learn more about professional writing services from Andrew Whytock, visit www.andrewwhytock.com or contact andrewmwhytock@gmail.com.

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